Nutritional Policy

The focus of our Nutrition Policy is to make healthy food easy for customers, raise awareness and actively promote healthy eating.


The catering portfolio consists of 11 outlets in either a Café/Grab and go or Foodcourt style. The department also supports other faculties and departments through the provision of hospitality and conference and event business.

The department is proactive and responsive to changes in nutritional thinking, government legislation and customer demands. The department has actively contributed to Health & Wellbeing activities since 2006.

Aims and Objectives

A range of products are offered which are inherently healthy, although the ranges vary between the types of outlet. The department will continue with the ethos and wherever possible adopt healthy choice criteria, whilst not impacting on product quality.

As part of the procurement process, the department will appoint those suppliers who can demonstrate the same commitment to health, nutrition and wellbeing. This will form part of the evaluation criteria at tender stage.

Catering outlets will actively market healthy choices throughout the year with a focus on an annual awareness raising campaign.

The department will continue to train staff in nutritional awareness.

The department will work with the catering contractor at Merthyr Tydfil College to ensure healthy choices are provided.

Current Arrangements

The department is constantly working with suppliers to make the food offered healthier and below are some achievements to date.

Hot Foods

  • Menus offer a choice to suit most diets, whether customers are active and needing carbohydrates or trying to lose some weight, so chips will still be served but jacket potatoes will also be offered.

  • The department’s chefs are actively making their recipes healthier without compromising on taste.

  • Vegetables are steamed, with salt reduced and no butter to glaze.

Salad Bar

  • A new salad bar has been introduced at Glyntaff campus.

  • The range of undressed salads with separate low calorie dressings has been increased.

  • The salad section is regularly updated to maintain customer interest.


  • The level of salt in the bread has been reduced.

  • There is an increased range of breads – white softgrain, malted wheat, oatmeal bread and tomato bread.

  • 75% brown breads and only 25% white bread is offered on event catering, made with low fat spread or lower calorie mayonnaise.

  • A retail supplier has been selected who provides a bespoke healthy range of healthier sandwiches under 300 calories.

Drinks & Snacks

  • The range of juice drinks and lower calorie drinks offered has been increased.

  • Baked crisps and rice cakes are offered alongside fried crisps

  • The range of healthier snacks offered has been increased.

  • Healthy choices are incorporated into vending machines.

Health and Wellbeing Events

  • A special healthy buffet for departments to use at their events has been produced.

  • Cooperation with nutrition students to run a health awareness campaign which also included students as well as staff.

Monitoring and Evaluation

Products and services offered are reviewed regularly and this forms the basis for menu development. The following methods are used to assist this process.

  • Sales mix analysis – this highlights % of sales of all products.

  • Customer feedback – actively monitor opinions to healthy eating in the Department’s bi annual survey.

  • Tasting panels to agree changes to menu content.
  • Recommendations for improvements – based on customer comment cards in all outlets.

  • Supervisors provide customer feedback at their monthly briefings.


The policy will be reviewed annually by the work Health and Wellbeing Group.